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Big Red Overcoat


The 'Big Red Overcoat' formed in early 1990 as a Blues/Rhythm and Blues band, and played all over the Gt Yarmouth and the Waveney Valley area, gaining a good local following,(a following
which survives to this day).

During their first year the Big Red Overcoat gained a place in the semi-finals and then the finals of the Suffolk Rock and Pop Competition. The band were so keen during this first year that they even entered the Banks’ Brewery best of blues competition, and had to travel all the way down to Worcester, for the gig.

Not long after, the band were on the same bill as ‘Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts’ at Bury St Edmunds Corn Exchange. Shortly after came the intense interest from studio owner and ‘Sniff and The Tears’ guitarist, Loz Netto, for the musicians in the band to be his backing band during his forthcoming European tour, things were certainly looking up. Although the musicians declined his offer, Loz Netto further pleased the band by stating that he thought, ‘Big Red Overcoat’ had a similar sound to the early ’Blockheads’.
(The late Ian Drury’s band).

And to top it all, a couple of weeks later in Ipswich, ‘Big Red Overcoat’ had the honour of being watched by 80’s band,
’The Icicle Works’.

From the original line-up of Lee Jacobs (Bass), Stuart Morrison (Lead Guitar), Paul Scoggins(Drums), only 'Tosh' Ewins, (Lead Vocals),remains.

The group went through various personnel changes over the next couple of years, Gary Woods, (Drums) Richard Trudgill, (Bass), until finally in the latter part of the nineteen nineties, the line-up
that has served Big Red Overcoat the longest...………………………

'Buzz' Hunt ,(Lead / Rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals), has previously played with, 'The Half Dead Live Band', 'Crow', and 'The Buster James Band’ & 'Rise'.

Buzz, one of East Anglia’s foremost guitarists, has been with Big Red Overcoat since the mid to late nineties, and has the honour of saving the band from extinction, when original guitarist, Stuart
Morrison departed.

An accomplished vocalist as well , Buzz brings a wealth of experience to the band, an experience the group couldn’t do without. His anecdotes from his years with Crow and The Buster James Band,
are legendary……

Once when appearing as support for a then fledgling 'Thin Lizzie' at the Marquee in London, lead singer and bassist, Phil Lynott rushed into the BJ Band’s dressing room, and asked if he could
borrow a guitar to do an encore, promptly Buzz lent him his Gibson Les Paul Junior. What an honour?

The only 'down side' to this was that on the instruments return, Buzz never got Phil to sign the said Instrument.

Andy 'Fizz' Bye, (Bass Guitar, backing and lead vocals),
is a well known musician in the Gorleston
and Gt Yarmouth area. His knack of being able to play and sing almost everything you ask him too, has led 'Fizz' to be in much demand from all of his contemporaries.

‘Fizz’ is so reliable, both as a
bass player and as a vocalist, that if your in a group with him, your in safe hands. This fact alone has meant that ‘Fizz’ has played in loads of bands such as ,'God Knows', 'The Frank Morrow
Band', 'Fanackapan', plus 'Tosh and The Little Big Band', to name but a very few.

‘Fizz’ has recently swapped his Bass guitar for the job of Lead Vocalist in the high energy Rock
band, 'Storm', and as usual, in ‘Fizzy’ style, does a brilliant job. And it has to be said, what a band they are !!

Steve 'Lord Stevenage' Chapman, (Drums),
has been the driving force behind many a great band
like, 'Jailbreak' ,'Scratch The Cat', 'Canine Feline' etc, This driving force means Steve is one of the most admired drummers of his generation.

Steve’s ability to work with ’Fizz’, keeping the band’s motor running, is what givesBig Red Overcoat their energy. Without Steve, the 'Big Red Overcoat' and its sound would not be the same.

'Tosh' Ewins, Lead Vocals / Acoustic Rhythm Guitar,
is another well known performer /entertainerin the Gorleston and
Gt Yarmouth and Waveney area's.

The last original member of 'Big Red
Overcoat', Tosh has a wealth of experience in different genre's.
His love of getting the audience involved makes for a great time, as many of you will know, if you’ve watched his regular Performances ,locally, over the years.

So sit back in the warmth and comfort of the ‘Big Red Overcoat’ and enjoy…………….