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nov 17th line-up
it's coming very soon!!!!!
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17th nov line-up

monkey spanner
stage one will be the massively popular ska/2 tone band monkey spanner, whose infectious beats are a real crowd pleaser, the perfect band for a party night out which November 17th plans to be.
for more info visit their website www


the divide
stage two, will be The Divide, rock band and this band know how to rock, with their outrageous front man Garth Coupland backed by a wall of sound, if you have never seen this band you don’t know what you’re missing.


trees lounge project
Stage 3 yet again in total contrast is “Trees Lounge Project” are a Nu-Jazz / Modern Soul Acoustic trio in rude health picking up the mantle left by such artists as Sting, Incognito, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder and Erykah Badu plus adding their own very distinctive style.

Creating a very organic and crafted sound – they play their own genre-defying songs but also add unique treatments to some classy covers that you just will not believe! Switching between pure, fragile Soul, powering into roaring Funk, dropping down to some street Hip Hop and visiting stately modern Jazz – all this from just three guys!

Greg’s guitar playing has been compared to a subway train meeting a flamenco guitarist! and Carl has been described as a “fantastic drummer” by no less than Derrick McKenzie of Jamiroquai! Add the final ingredient; a topping of chic vocals from Steve - crushingly earnest to raunchy and robust in the blink of a bar.

The band radiate a musical confidence that will do something naughty to you and take you on a journey to the most vulnerable of musical moments before exploding like a depth charge and tearing the roof off! All with the tightest of grooves! From the first chord, you will be left in no doubt that these three are in command!

“One of the most interesting and unique acts around. With an outstanding sound and vibe” Peter Jay


club uniquity
Stage four brings the spirit of Club Uniquity, the acoustic based monthly event at the Dukes Head, Somerleyton.

During the past five nights at The Room, many of the artist who have appeared at the Room, have featured at Club Uniquity so it seemed like a great idea to have them and new artist appearing.

Paul Johnson the inspiration behind the club will be appearing with fellow Llewelyn member Mike Page for an acoustic set, returning from last month’s Room, the haunting sounds of Lisa and Jo, who are Yum Yum as well as Jason Parr, who stopped everyone in their tracks at Octobers Room, also making a welcome return will be acoustic duo Sam & Daisy, who wowed the audience at Septembers Room.

appearing for the first time will be four piece band Route 2, Jack and Roamy Medicine Show, Richard Swift and local musician, singer songwriter and entertainer Bob