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june 9th line-up
it's coming very soon!!!!!
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7th july line-up

the h gang
a fantastic nine piece band formed specifically for the room, featuring the vocal talents of the fabulous charlotte joyce, rhythm section of drummer paul wooden and bassist ron sayer.

playing a range of covers from all styles of music, funk to blues to soul to dance to modern classics.


Big Pink
Big Pink are Adam Jarrett on guitar and vocals, Ryan Duffer on
harmonica and vocals, Martin Gilmour on bass and vocals and Steve Gilmour on drums and vocals.  
With influences ranging from The Band to Muddy Waters and Marvin Gaye to Richard Strauss, eclectic is a word that may well be used to describe the range of music played by Big Pink.  
Playing a mix of obscure covers and their own material, Big Pink always give a great performance.

for more info on Big Pink visit their website


The following musicians can sometimes be seen playing in lowery... Steve Harris, Owen Morgan, Ed Raison, Tom Coleman, Phil Critten, biog of band soon

for more info visit their website 


The Band Members are: Nigel Harris (vocals/guitar), Paul Dutch (Bass), Dom Danher (Drums) & Dale Timbers (Guitar). eaves sound has been compared to the likes of Coldplay, Feeder, Keane, early... biog to follow


Special Guests
as well as the above bands appearing on june 9th, special guests will be featured, performing with the resident band or in their own right, in order to see who they are you will have to visit the room but on thing is for sure you will not be disappointed!