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is a music venture promoting live music based on the format of "Later with Jools Holland"

we feature multiple live acts plus guest acts and vocalists on multiple indiviually sound & lite stages

the night comprises three sets each featuring all acts & guests

following on from the huge success over two years 2007 and 2008 featuring some 80+ artists and guests
then in 2010 the-room returned with a one off event which to date was the biggest night the room has seen
with some 800 people through the door and a fantastic line-up

well a one off in 2010 soon turned into another in feb 2013 and 2104 yet again another fabulous nights of music
and fantastic attendance prompting the room to consider another event, so 29th april 2017 bacame the
10th annivesary show and to date the most is the date the most slick show with the introduction of audio visuals
to the live music and 2018 was as predicted a stunning night, with the bloodshake chorus and walkway putting on stunning performances and it looks like its gonna be another cracking night in feb 2019

Hope to see you there...........

the venue for the-room is the "ocean rooms" gorleston, a natural oval indoor amphitheater

A few reviews of the room

see the review on norwich blog from feb 2018
and get a flavor of the night

may 4th 2007 opening night coverage on
bbc website
BBC Website page

see the review on norwich blog from
feb 2013

visitors to the-room
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