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Whats-On at the Dock Tavern

Sunday 1st - Tosh - 4pm to 7pm
Sunday 8th - The Front Room presents The McGuilty Brothers- 4pm onwards
Sunday 22nd - The Aspen Road Band - 4pm - 7pm
New Years Eve - Jack French - 9pm


Saturday 8th - 4 Blokes Play Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 9pm
Sunday 9th - The Front Room Presents The 4D Jones - 4pm onwards
Sunday 16th - Easy Street - 4pm onwards
Sunday 23rd - Tosh - 4pm onwards

Sunday 1st - The Front Room presents Scarlet - 4pm onwards
Saturday 7th - Small Talk - 9pm
Sunday 8th - Those Dead Beat Cats - 4pm onwards
Sunday 15th - Johns Blues Crew - 4pm onwards
Sunday 22nd - Ron Sayer Trio - 4pm onwards

Sunday 5th - The Front Room presents Blues Situation - 4pm onwrds
Saturday 11th - Project X - 9pm
Sunday 12th - Easy Street - 4pm onwards
Sunday 26th - Tosh - 4pm onwards

Sunday 3rd - The Front Room presents Das Fenster and the Alibi's - 4pm onwards
Saturday 16th - Distant Sun - 9pm
Sunday 24th - Those Dead Beat Cats - 4pm onwards

Please note all above times are approximate and may vary slightly

Details of Events can be found on our Facebook Page  

Tel: 01493 442255