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stage one
the h gang

the h-gang this time has been put together by bob cushing local solo artist and front man for tribute band steemy dan and he brings with him to the h-gang guitarist jake jacobs and keyboard player david (jimmy) james from steemy dan along with former drummer paul wooden.

paul wooden was the original drummer with the h-gang and plays when not touring with the ron sayer jnr band or one of the many other pro bands he deps for.

jaky jacobs has played with many bands around this are including whippet and steemy dan to name but a few.

jimmy also with steemy dan and previously part of the fantastic emma hall band.

back with the band for another outing is the legend that is roger james from buster james band, but dont expect him to be singing all rock numbers tonight he has a few suprises for you.

dave rivers returns to the h-gang but in a more familiar role as guitarist which he does to great affect with his incredible band rivers along with brother jake.

bob cushing band leader for tonight will be providing bass guitar as well as vocals in a small tribute to walter becker of steely dan who sadly recently passed away this year.

also joining the band tonight with be barry fogg on saxophone

stage two
hot stove league

the hot stove league where formed as a band a year or so ago following the making of a couple of cd's by ronnie upton and steve jinks, since then they have gone on to play in various locations and festivals around the uk, they play a selection from folk through pop, country, reggae, blues, ska and world music.

the band are:

nic spink on 6 & 12 string guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, melodica, ukulele bass

steve jinks on ukulele bass, banjo, vocals

ronnie upton on vocals, 6 string guitar, slide guitar, harmonica

eddie baker on percussion,flugal horn, vocals

essie gudds on vocals, percussion, bicycle bell, kazo

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stage three

walkway have been together for ten years and have supported the likes of staus quo, the darkness and black stone cherry to name but a few.

in 2016-2016 they preformed 245 gigs and it has to be said they give there all to each and every one, through their superb songwitten tracks and their music abilty.

they have released 3 albums including the recently released "WWII" to high critical aclaim.

the band are:

chris ready, lead vocals / rhythm guitar / keys

james ready, lead guitar / backing vocals

andy burlace, drums / percussion / backing Vocals

Mik Skiba: Bass Guitar


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stage four
hot raisin Hot Raisin Facebook page

hot raisin are:

tory cobb - guitar & vocals and mary podd - guitar

when playing as a band they are joined by musicians
luke fox - guitar, tom harvey - bass, daryl blyth - drums

they take their influences from bombay bicycle club, joni mitchell, abba, laura marling, camera obscura, stornaway, blondie, dire straits quite a range i think you'll agree

hot raisins songs are well constructed and superbly played their stage presence is quite enchanting and warming.

they have recently supported the rainbow girls and morganway in norwich and their title track from the recent ep wiskhey ginger was bbc radio norfolk's record of the week

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stage five
the bloodshake chorus

the bloodshake chorus are a rumbustious band of the undead, unearthing the classics of the fifties and sixties with a horrific twist, in a way you've never heard them played before.

performers with heart and soul (not all of them originally theirs) their relentless advance has seen them spread terror throughout the region and even infect the international airwaves.

be afraid, they may be dressed for the abattoir, but they're coming to a venue near you soon, so keep the lights on.

it won't help, as they like to see what they're eating.

the 3rd feb will be the launch of the bloodshakes new line-up


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